Contract Manufacturing

MOUETTE uses modern, fully automated Molds Processing Equipment and Injection Molding Equipment to
manufacture precision molds, quality plastic products and components.

Injection Mold Top Supplier
MOUETTE is a one-stop service provider committed to providing injection molds and Injection Moulded Plastic Components to a wide range of injection mold application markets and customers. Through our scientific design and optimized management processes, we provide customers with efficient and reliable precision mold and injection product solutions. We are dedicated to ultra-reliable high-performance mold manufacturing standards and strive for consistent and sustainable growth.

Our advantage

● Experience: With over 9 years of experience in plastic injection molds and injection molding.
● Core competitiveness: provide customized solutions for middle and high-end customers.
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Injection Mold Top Supplier
With over 9 years of experience in plastic injection molds and injection molding, we cater to a wide range of industries including Ventilation Systems, Automotive, New Energy Vehicles, Small Household Appliances, Medical Devices, Electronics, and Packaging. Our clientele comprises 80% of customers from Italy, Spain, British, Australia, Japan, Canada, and the USA.

Our advantage

● Experience: With over 9 years of experience in plastic injection molds and injection molding.
● Core competitiveness: provide customized solutions for middle and high-end customers.
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How to Work With Us

Come to us with your concept, sketch, CAD or 3D parts drawing.
We can accept the following file types:
• ProE (.prt)
• IGES (.igs)
• STEP (.stp)
• Parasolid (.x_t or .x_b)
• .stl files


• We'll design and develop your idea into a workable product.
• Within 1 or 2 days, we'll send you design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis and real-time pricing. For some special parts, we will make and send you moldflow analysis report to check the places difficult to molding or easily deformed.
• We’ll make prototypes to test and verify the parts design.


If you need any help, we can give technical support to select and evaluate suitable materials for products and molds.

Tooling Manufacturing
Tooling Manufacturing

Once you review your quote and place your order, we'll start the tooling manufacturing process. Precision-made tooling will be made to ensure consistency of product.


We’ll send you T1 samples as scheduled time.
This stage is testing and evaluating the mold and plastic molding parts.


Once you confirm the samples, we'll start the manufacturing process of injection molding parts. We also offer finishing options.
We offer a variety of finishing options for all manufacturing services. These can range from powder coat finishing and anodizing to basic assembly and threaded inserts

Shipped on Time
Shipped on Time

Custom packaged toolings or molding parts are shipped to you finally!

Known for Premium Quality and Service
We take pride in our ability to balance mold price, mold specifications, molds and parts quality, drawing specifications, and the time needed to provide T1 samples and a complete mold. We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing excellent service and high-quality products.
  • 2014
  • 6000
    Only factory
  • 300000
    Monthly capacity
  • 40
    Product sales country
Quality Objectives
  • Transcend Expectations
    Transcend Expectations

    Ensure our customers are always satisfied by exceeding quality and delivery expectations.

  • Continuous Improvement
    Continuous Improvement

    Dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of greatness--this means always finding creative new ways to improve the efficiency of our internal processes.

  • Safety First
    Safety First

    Provide safety, training and a good work environment for all our employees.

  • Pursue Quality
    Pursue Quality

    Continuously measure, analyze and improve compliance to our quality management system.

  • Respect The Environment
    Respect The Environment

    Minimize environmental impacts through prevention of pollution and commit to complying with all legal and other requirements related to environmental protection.

Quality Objectives
We Work With The Best In The Business.

Evaluations Received From Customers
on Our Products or Services

Evaluations Received From Customers <br/>on Our Products or Services
MOUETTE uses modern automatic mold processing equipment and injection molding equipment to manufacture precision molds. We are very satisfied and glad to cooperate with you.
Mr. Raimilson Carlos
MOUETTE's engineer team conducts professional manufacturability analysis for injection molded parts free of charge. Thus saving us up to 50% in manufacturing costs.
Hello Amanda, I'm on my way to Beijing and I just wanted to thank you for your kind hospitality, the hard work you did.
Mr. Vittorio Ruffini
The product quality is at a high level. I myself was a little mistaken with one position, but my client was able to fix the item myself.

Get Started With Your Next Injection Molding Project.

If you have any questions about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will reach you within 12 hours!

We offer an expansive selection of customization options that match the unique demands of the OEM market.

Quality control is always the highest priority, upholding strict standards in every step of the manufacturing process.

The most professional processor and supporters you can trust. This is our comprehensive commitment to quality, performance and value.
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